Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Night Lords Collection List!

Hey folks!

I've decided to collect all the Night Lords upgrades, models and kits that I could find online (Which consists of a surprising amount of Forgeworld Rhino and Land Raider doors), and figured that a list would be very useful for myself and others. You can buy plenty of these as recasts, but I would advise against doing so for the doors because they're a little bit too small to fit into their respective vehicles. That and recasts tend to be of lesser quality, so avoid them if you can and money isn't a problem. Of course I may very well have to accommodate recasts in the end if even Ebay cannot provide!

So without further ado:

You can easily find the above from recasters, but (Like the original, surprisingly) the area above the Rhino window is very thin and brittle. So if you get a set from Ebay with this problem, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a recast. If none of the pieces fit into the Rhino perfectly however, it's definitely a recast. This video should give you an idea of what the kit should look like on a Rhino.
Night Lords Rhino Doors (Most recent, still out of production though!)
I've only recently bought one of these from Ebay. The rest of his items looked very legitimate and actually fit into Rhino door spaces, so we'll see if I was right when they arrive!

Chaos Night Lords Rhino Doors
I've only seen this on Ebay attached to existing Rhino's, which were entirely basecoated and being sold for 40-ish quid. Not exactly an ideal buy, but it should give you an idea of how rare some sets can be.

Deimos Pattern Rhino Doors
Already bought these from Forgeworld, despite not owning a Deimos Pattern Rhino. 

Chaos Night Lord Land Raider doors
These Chaos kits are probably the oldest Night Lords specific Forgeworld kits there are. They look super cool and you can still find the World Eaters equivalent on Forgeworld here. I really wish I bothered to buy things online back when these bad boys were still kicking about!

Night Lords Land Raider Legion doors (Most recent version as of April 2019)
You can still get these on Forgeworld. Mine are of FAR better quality than the recasts I also got. For a 60 quid kit like the Land Raider, I'd honestly use the plastic doors that come with it before I'd use my recast doors. I just don't trust them!

Night Lords Land Raider Legion doors

Seems like it's a running theme for Rhino and land Raider door kits to have alternate versions for side doors with the same front armour/door.
Night Lords "MK2B" Land Raider Legion doors
According to a Forgeworld 2014 catalogue that I found online, these are the MK2B version of the Land Raider doors found in the image immediately above it. I'm going to assume that it was either a mistake or some kind of "let's sell a set of Rhino doors with the Land Raider front door" scheme to make some extra cash... It doesn't make much sense to me and I'm not actually sure if the Rhino doors even fit the Land Raider! I'm not pushed about this one to be honest, I don't think it even counts as a collectors item if you already have the other two sets.

Night Lords Transfer Sheet
I don't have this, but for the sake of collecting, I really just want one. When I eventually have all of the Rhino and Land Raider door sets, I'll get a chance to use these guys. Or I could just get a Fellblade!

MKII Night Lord shoulderpads
These ones are going to be next to impossible to find. It was also proving pretty impossible to find MKII armoured crusade marines on Ebay because they come in a resealable bag and are always crazy overpriced on Ebay. So after scouring Forgeworld for a bit I found this Apothecary set and this World Eaters Rampager Squad kit that both still contain MKII armour! The Rampager squad is lacking proper MKII helmets however, so I've been eyeing up the Iron Warriors Veteran Heads upgrade set as a replacement source. They aren't perfect, but I could use a bit of green stuff and trim/cut off some detail to recreate the old helmets, which should be a crazy amount of work as long as I keep my sculpting blades sharp.

I've already gotten some MKII Night Lords shoulderpad recasts that I don't reeeeeally want to use on genuine forgeworld resin because a few of the recasts really sucked (lots of obscured detail). it's super cheap stuff though, and as far as balancing cost vs. effectiveness, it's worth it. My problem is that if I'm going to spend hours painting a model, it NEEDS to be the best version of that model to make it worthwhile for me. So I'll probably not use any of my recast resin at all!
MKIII Night Lord shoulderpads
Already bought these from Forgeworld. You should still be able to too at this time of writing.

MKIV Night Lord shoulderpads

Already bought these from Forgeworld. Not much else to say here! I did get a second set new-in-box on Ebay though.

Already bought these from Forgeworld. Honestly, the recast ones I got look almost exactly the same. I was surprised at this. Still got a second new-in-box set when the opportunity arose on Ebay, though it was mainly because it would only cost me a further tenner and I was already getting the shouldpads above and torso's found at the end of this post, so....
Already bought this from Forgeworld in the Sevatar Strike Force. And it looks ace.
Nostramen Chainglaives
Already bought these from Forgeworld. One broke after falling from my desk, making me wonder if the brittleness of recast resin is worse than genuine Forgeworld resin or not. I also have recast ones and they're about the same really. Still should be grand for hacking the emperors lapdogs to bits while counting as chainaxes.

Night Lords Praetor in Terminator Armour
Got this one when he came out. It's a pity that we don't have rules for whatever kind of gun is mounted on his wrist.
Night Lords Praetor with weird-looking jump pack. Yes I was surprised to see this too. It looks like it shouldn't help him with jumping.
Nabbed this really sweet model with an unfortunate alternative head when he came out.
I got him in the Sevatar Strike Force bundle. I'm not sure how he's going to fit into my 40K army, but he'll find a way.
Konrad Curze. It's simple. We become the intergalactic, space-faring batman who strangles people to death with their own intestines.
Still gotta get the head honcho, despite not playing 30K. I can see myself magnetising his heads so that he can double as a Daemon Prince when I do eventually buy him.
Night Lords Leviathan
I got this when it came out. It's huge, deadly, and I love it.
Night Raptors
I actually had three of these guys' bodies already that I got from Ebay years ago, but never used. So now I have the whole set, thanks to Sevatars Strike Force
Night Lords Chaos Dreadnought/Hellbrute
This guy is probably going to set me back about 100 euros when I finally see one again on Ebay. Damn the collecting aspect of this hobby... He's hard to find, even on recast sites. And the weapons aren't compatible with Contemptor, Deredoritodo or Leviathan weapons, but they can use the Mortis autocannon/lascannon still on the Forgeworld site AND should still work with all of your old plastic space marine dreadnoughts! Still, this guy is probably years away from being purchased by me, since I've got so much to paint already as it is and likely won't even see him anytime soon.
Night Lords Hero/Lord
I actually have two of these, one I'm in the process of truescaling and another I bought when Games Workshop was clearing out older model lines for the Chaos Marine range during the Vigilus Ablaze roll-out of new Chaos dudes.

Believe it or not, I have amassed four of these over the course of several years because I'm absolutely certain that they'll be gone soon. I panic-bought two, along with several other kits during the Vigilus clearout/rollout and was kinda proven right when the Iron Warriors upgrade kit, old Dark Apostle, now-old Chaos Space Marine squad kit and metal Chaos Lord went out of stock. Fans of noticing fine detail may see that the sword is completely out of line with its handle.

Night Lords Etched Brass
I don't think people "recast" etched brass from Forgeworld in any form, but I saw two of these going for 15 quid each, and another seller selling one for 70 quid, so nabbed the two cheap ones up quick. I have a bunch of Rhino's, Predators and a Land Raider that I'll be using them on.

Night Lords Terror Squad Torso's
Got these still sealed in their Forgeworld pack on Ebay baby! Luckily for collectors they looks rather silly if you have a squad with duplicates of these. (So every Terror squad have 3/5 guys with  human skin on the right of their chest, 1/5 has skin on the left, and the remainder all have claws on their armours abdomen?) T'would look odd if you had more than ten dudes unless you cut off and rearranged parts. Which I might do if I find another great deal like I did for this one. Of course you could also just cut off the trophies so that they wouldn't make your squad look weird, but then they wouldn't be so scary now would they?

And I think that's juuuuuuuust about every modern(ish) Night Lords related paraphernalia I could find/remember. I thank god that they aren't as popular as the Death Guard/Nurgle or the World Eater/Khorne. I don't think I have it in me to hunt down a Plaguereaper, Plague Hulk or a bunch of those Khorne fortress walls! Here's a list of OOP Forgeworld stuff if you're interested though. I'm not going to bother with dice or badges or paint, because I just don't really care about them nearly as much as I do about the models. If I've missed anything here, please drop a me a comment and I'll add it to the list!

Ave Dominus Nox!


Hobby plans going forward

Howdy folks!

It's been a while since I have regularly posted, but I've mainly/solely been working on my career in that time (Making apps, learning how to interview correctly, etc. You can see everything on http://marclaffan.com if software development interests you). I've been looking for something to break up the monotony, and for the past few months or so, 40K has scratched that itch.

I've started a truescaling project (On already-painted miniatures no less, rebasing them on 32mm bases as well) and started working on my Night Lords army again. At this point I just want to get my Chaos Space Marines all painted, and I don't really care about any of my other models (Zombicide, Orks, Space Marines, old metal models, etc. Perfectionism really does impede progress!). I would still have to paint/convert a bunch of non-chaos stuff when I don't actually want to collect those armies otherwise, so meh... I also decided to not repaint anything I've painted so far. Scott the Miniature Maniac (Or just Scott) brought up the great point (six, in this video) that every model you ever paint is a sign of your overall skill progression story and that you shouldn't keep repainting finished models, regardless of how much better you could do them justice now. I'm a bit lucky in this regard, because I barely finished any models when I started painting. When I got to the stage where I was fully painting models and not just basecoating, they quickly became good enough for me to consider them finished forever to a satisfactory standard. Anything else was just painted with a basecoat of Dark Angels green at the time, so it was easy enough all those years ago to just repaint the ten or so models I had to regal blue, without thinking of my own miniature painting history. Best to preserve the old painted models now though!

I want to paint up and truescale my core Night Lords troops mainly first (About 50 chaos marine troops/Havocs) before moving on to the rest of my collection. So far I've almost fully truescaled about 35 of them, and have begun truescaling some other stuff in my collection too (Possessed, a Lord, etc).  I've also, just last weekend, finished magnetising my third Chaos Predator. The turret really cuts the fingers off you when you're drilling the space for magnets, so be warned if you go down this route!

I also recently began stockpiling potentially out-of-production chaos marine kits (so far the Iron Warriors upgrade pack, Old Chaos Marine kit, metal Chaos Lord with a Power Axe and Finecast Dark Apostle have proven me right). I only really need the newest models, the Daemon Engines aside from the Defiler, and the newest Chaos special character models to complete the line fully for my collection. SO I've actually built up a decent backlog of Chaos stuff now to replace the horde of plastic that I just stopped bothering with due to lack of interest 😂

Todo list:

Truescale 50-ish of the now-old Chaos Space Marine troops/infantry models. 10-ish are done aside from the new paint needed for their truescale thighs, a further 20 are on the 32mm base with the plasticard spacing in place for the extra thigh/waist height, and 20 or so haven't been touched yet (Four aspiring champions and the rest are heavy/special weapons guys. Think I'll promote some to Havocs!)

Truescale 10-ish of the now-old Chaos Space Marine Chaos Terminators.

Truescale and paint 10 Night Lord Chosen (I'm gonna do these last, when my truescaling ability is good enough. I spent a tonne of time kitbashing these guys and even used the Night Lords conversion pack on all them. I also recently got my hands on the Forge World Nostraman Chainglaives that might end up featuring on a few of them).

Truescale and paint 10 Chaos Space Marine mercenaries.

Truescale and paint 1 Chaos Terminator Lightning Claws Lord: This guy is gonna look really good when he's finished. According to the Night Lords trilogy, the Night Lords terminator Atramentar sometimes feature Lion motifs on their armour, which will also appear on this model. I think I'll use him as a master of the Atramentar)

Truescale and paint 1 Chaos Terminator Chainfist Lord.

Truescale and paint 10 Chaos Bikers (3 Dark Angel Fallen bikers, 3 White Scars, 4 Chaos bikers)

Truescale and paint 8 Chaos Raptors (5 plastic kit, 3 Forgeworld Night Raptor conversions. Though I'm not sure about truescaling the Night Raptors yet, as they are pretty tall already).

Truescale and paint 5 Possessed marines (Two are truescaled, but not finished. I'm kitbashing them with a bunch of Chaos Knights and making sure that each one has a weapon. Their fluff involves them picking up cursed weapons 👍)

Paint and convert 5 Rhino's (3 recent Warhammer Conquest ones, I already have tanks for the Rhino upgrade kits I'll be mentioning in the next post).

Paint and convert 3 Predator's (One almost finished paintjob-wise).

Paint 1 Vindicator (Heavily converted. I've spent a lot of time on this one, which is weird considering that I got it second-hand from Ebay and I'm iffy about second-hand stuff)

Paint 1 Hellbrute: The Dark Vengeance one, which I'll be painting in the colours of the Crimson Slaughter.

Pain 4 Chaos Spawn: I finished two more of these out of the ten that I have since I restarted the hobby. I mainly use these as "inbetween" painting models because they're so easy to paint. They break up the monotony of sticking to a paint scheme and picking out every last detail for more important models, providing a nice and needed break from strict painting. Once I run out of these I'll probably move onto some of my old lesser Daemons to use as "inbetween" painting models. My grey Horrors of Tzeentch should work like a charm for this.

Paint and convert 1 Land Raider: I'll be spending a lot of time on this. It'll be a centerpiece, so I've bought the Night Lords Land Raider doors from Forgeworld for it.

Paint and convert 1 Defiler (I might also change or paint more of the magnetised, prepainted one I bought from a warhammer shop in Wicklow. In a decade, when I can be arsed!).

Other things: 80(-ish?) Cultists, 10 Horrors, 10 Plague Marines, 6 Noises marines and 21 Berzerkers. These don't really matter to me, nor will I want to truescale much more after getting through another 35 truescaled marines 😂

Warhammer backlog: 10x Mk3 marines, 10x Mk4 marines, 1 Nurgle Daemon Prince, 5 x Furies(They're fluffy as per the 3.5 chaos codex), 1 Aspiring Champion/Vrosh Tattersoul (Crimson Slaughter dude), 1 Warpsmith and the chaos half of Shadowspear.

Forgeworld backlog: Leviathan Dreadnought (Plus really cool weapons), Contemptor Dreadnought (Plus slightly less impressive weapons), 5 Night Raptors, Sevatar, Zhufor, Necrosius, Praetor with Jump Pack, Praetor in terminator armour, Rapier Quad Heavy Bolter (These things look SO COOL).

Collectibles (Stuff I'm not actually planning on painting, but wanted before they went OOP): The old Chaos Space Marine kit, the old Chaos Space Marine Terminator kit, the old/current Chaos Terminator Lord kit (That I doubt will be around for much longer), the old/current Berzerker squad(Again, I doubt it will be around for much longer), the finecast Mutilators (I can't see why the Obliterator pack would not be sold as a dual Mutilator kit when it eventually comes out), the old metal Chaos Lord with a power axe, the old Dark Apostle, the finecast Sorceror, Fabius Bile, Huron Blackheart, Night Lords hero and an Iron Warrior Warsmith.

I must say, this actually looks a lot more doable than painting almost 1000 miniatures did the last time I tried to "complete" my collection:

For prosterity's sake, remember this? ("This" may also refer to a time where the above list still actually featured on this blog, because I was too lazy to take it off at the time, to clarify).

I still need/want to get the following from Forgeworld before it goes nuts and stops selling things I want again:

  • World Eaters Rampager Squad: So that I actually have an (Albeit minor) presence of ancient MKII armoured marines in my army. I'll need to remove/model a few things and maybe not use some parts (Like the World Eaters shoulderpads, or the unarmoured arm if I use the model as a tactical marine. I also might shave off the orb thing that looks like a belt buckle). I'll likely use some other heads as an upgrade kit too.
  • Space Marine Apothecary set: Again for another MKII body and because I really want an apothecary model in my army. I think of my collection as reflective of a marine company, and they can't really make new marines without apothecary's now can they?
  • Misc things that I've wanted since I was a teenager after seeing them in a Forgeworld catalogue, but didn't have money nor a credit card to buy them with. Also just some things that looks plain awesome.
So yeah, that's basically the plan!

Now to finish off this Predator and get some pictures of my new Spawn, converted Dark Apostle, and maybe some work in progress photos up...

Best of luck!

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Goliath Hunters - Necromunda

Howdy folks!

It's been quite a long time since I posted (Or touched a model to begin with), but I got Necromunda Underhive for Christmas and finally managed to finish the modelling and base spraying of my Goliaths. Necromunda really strikes me as the most maintainable type of game that Games Workshop has released, at least in the sense of collecting/buying models. This is a big deal for someone who was completely put-off from the amount of models you "need" to make an army, so Nec is scratching a very sweet spot for me. These Goliaths are hunting-themed, in the 40K sense. I've added quite a few skulls from the Citadel skulls set and the Warhammer Giant kit, amongst many other kits. Hopefully this makes up for a few years of static... I'll be painting these guys while I'm up in Dublin and making the Eschers when I make my way back to Wexford on the weekends. I'll have more pictures soon, so enjoy!