Sunday, 11 February 2018

Goliath Hunters - Necromunda

Howdy folks!

It's been quite a long time since I posted (Or touched a model to begin with), but I got Necromunda Underhive for Christmas and finally managed to finish the modelling and base spraying of my Goliaths. Necromunda really strikes me as the most maintainable type of game that Games Workshop has released, at least in the sense of collecting/buying models. This is a big deal for someone who was completely put-off from the amount of models you "need" to make an army, so Nec is scratching a very sweet spot for me. These Goliaths are hunting-themed, in the 40K sense. I've added quite a few skulls from the Citadel skulls set and the Warhammer Giant kit, amongst many other kits. Hopefully this makes up for a few years of static... I'll be painting these guys while I'm up in Dublin and making the Eschers when I make my way back to Wexford on the weekends. I'll have more pictures soon, so enjoy!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Could you be... The last of us?

And with that, the duo of Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us is complete!

I must admit that it took a LOT longer than I thought it would to paint these two. I think that Games Workshop models must be more towards beginners, as I have never had to spend this much time on any regular human models. I am, however, delighted with the results.

Notice that Joel has grass on his base, but Ellie doesn't? I figured that Joel would usually be the one to advance to a new area (like the games), so something should indicate that. In this case, Joel is advancing on a grassy green patch, while Ellie provides backup. I also wanted to mix up some texture paints as an experiment, so there was that too.

I spent a bit of time highlighted the edges of Ellies (Hasslefree Beth) backpack because it had sharper edges than Joels (Hasslefree Clint) backpack.

Being attacked by the Infected. Oh dear.

I used the Manufactorum from Warhammer in these images too. I was thinking of painting one up some day...

And of course, the usual backlog progress of Night Lords!

Now that I've caught up with the Night Lord infantry models that I wanted to do more highlighting etc on, I'll be taking a break from them to paint up something that feels less like assembly line work, like my Typhus model!

I've gotten a nice bit of him painted up already today, and have enjoyed it so far. It's very easy to make Nurgle models look good, I think...

Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments and thanks for looking!

Good luck!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Hey folks!

In between watching episodes of The Office and Spartacus, I managed to finish off painting some models, finalised some modelling and test out Tamiya's Grass Effect texture paint. It's meant for dioramas, but it looks pretty sweet on a Rhino! I also took all of these images on an old piece of scenery I made years ago that I still like. I think it makes the images more interesting.

The Night Lord touch-up project only has six models to go, so once that's out of the way I'll have twenty-one models painted to the following standard:

I'll be glad when they're done. I really think the lens effect sets them apart, and doesn't take too long to apply.

Next up, Tamiya's Grass Effect Paint on my Rhino:

Looks pretty good too! I think the next few tanks I have will have scratches/etc.

Next, the following models are re-takes on some of the Chaos Mercenary models that I worked on a while ago. I didn't like how some of them looked, and thought that they should look closer to their fluff. They didn't really follow any fluff other than "generic Chaos Space Marine", so it was easy to pick out a few details to draw upon.

Also, this first guy is actually a member of the Black Legion. The twist is, he's an Oath-Broken! Cast out by his legion, he finds little more acceptance from the Mercenary troupe. I'd like to think of him as one of the more experienced, yet cursed, members of the group; the primary reason that he is tolerated... He has a hook hand, plenty of war-plate damage and some metal banding on areas of his armour where the damage has been severe enough to impact it's performance. I think he'll add a lot of character to the group:

Next up is a member of the Brotherhood of Darkness. I picked this warband because they seem to have some kind of tie-in with the Night Lords. They also use the same "batwings with a skull" motif as the Night Lords, which allowed me to use a Night Lord shoulder-pad on this model. I also mutated him up a bit and gave him a Power Fist, since I'll be using him as an Aspiring Champion:

Next, a member of the Disciples of Destruction. I saw lots of imagery where they had scrolls, etc, attached to their armour. I replaced the bolt pistol arm with a metal one that had a purity seal on it. I also nipped the sword-arm at the wrist and replaced the rest of the arm with a regular Chaos Space Marine arm. This was mainly to allow for more chest space on the model, to accommodate more scrolls:

Last on the painting front, I finished Hasslefree Clint. He's based on Joel from The Last Of Us, so I painted him up accordingly. I added some blood to his Machete too, since it looks sweet:

Any constructive criticism is appreciated. 

Thanks and good luck!